MA Recordings Segunda 180 g vinyl


In 2013, believe it or not, MA Recordings celebrated 2.5 decades of original creative, acoustic music production by getting into some very serious vinyl!! Our first release is (was?) a 2LP set of LA SEGUNDA by the Argentine super group, Sera una Noche.

This long time favorite of MA fans, was recorded in 2003(!) at 176.4 kHz, in a small church in the countryside of Argentina. For this release, I up-sampled the 176.4K files to 5.6 MHz double DSD and took them to Len Horowitz, a cutting engineer veteran of 41 years who is well known for his legendary 1950 Scully cutting lathe and Westrex cutting head. Len “sculpted” the lacquers on his Scully, directly from our modified KORG MR2000s, after which they were immediately flown to Desmond Narraine for Metal finishing at Mastercraft in New Jersey. Desmond, who started at Decca over 40 years ago, worked his magic and sent his stampers of perfection to Bill Smith Custom Records in LA who pressed the 180gm discs.

For the cover, as Shoji Ohnuma’s photo was originally shot on a large format (6cm x 6cm) Hasselblad camera, I decided to print it in its entirety, as large as possible, and without any text. The very beautiful 2LP gatefold cover was printed and bound in Los Angeles by Stoughton, one of the few, prestigious firms still making LP covers the traditional way. The printing is first done on Hi Grade paper stock, which is then glued onto thick cardboard and bound to make the final product.

While the records are officially 180gm pressings, in reality, they weigh about 195gm. This Gatefold set is HEAVY(!), weighing 1lb 5.5oz (approximately 610gm).

And, of course, the LPs are packaged in our custom made inner-sleeves, made in Japan, exclusively for MA!! I am confident that you will find them far superior to anything else on the market. For those interested in purchasing them separately, we do have to them for sale on the MA site.

“LA SEGUNDA” on Vinyl; just one of a number of Vinyl issues I hope to get released in the coming years!

Sonically Yours

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