Snake River Audio cables arrived

Snake River Audio

Snake River Audio package arrived from Jonny yesterday. I was really impressed by the corespondency when review set of cables were being made. From the confirming the "order" and making the cables (Cyro treating etc.) I was informed by the email about each step in the process. I've been long around, but never experience such dedication to communication with customers. And satisfaction doesn't ends here. Upon unpacking on arrival my face was instantly transformed into a large smile. The box, vacuum cable packing, accompanied papers, a t-shirt and even a candy created such a positive atmosphere, that rarely happens these days  ;). Call me old fashioned, but I totally dig and respect the personal touch like this. I can now totally understand the recommendations and happy customers base that Jonny already have.

I'll look forward connecting them soon into my system. Lorenzo Martinelli of EmmeSpeakers already gave me a chance to try their speakers cable for a limited period and I liked the performance. Now I'll take more time and in-depth listening so stay tuned for first impressions soon followed by a test and review in due time.

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