Sparkoslabs discrete op amps

Custom Op Amps

Andrew Sparks of Sparkoslabs current discrete op amps under construction. 

Sparko’s Labs has created a family of discrete op amps in an 8 pin DIP compatible package optimized for high performance audio applications. These devices are drop in replacements for many common, yet inferior audio op amps and are uniquely compensated for trouble-free swap out into virtually any circuit. Having a footprint of a mere 0.33 square inches, these devices are one-third the size of any other discrete op amp on the market. Class A biasing and high output current capability coupled with a proprietary compensation scheme requiring multiple NPO dielectric capacitors make these discrete op amps impossible to fabricate as a monolithic IC. These devices utilize matched transistor pairs encapsulated within a single device package for the input stage and internal current mirrors, which retains the advantage that monolithics have with device matching. Sparko’s Labs offers an extremely high loop gain device at 140dB to 600Hz, and a low loop gain device at 68dB with an ultrasonic pole (coming soon). Each device is fully specified, and is available as a single or dual discrete op amp.

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