Our new Stradivari reference and statement power plants are completely hand built start to finish using solid chassis made from scratch, individual custom housing made out of a solid block of brass for each dual outlet, your choice of silver or copper premium cryo 20A outlets or mono Schuko outlets, custom 1.75" brass spikes, wired with high purity cryo silver in our exclusive classified designs that provides reference performance in A/C conditioning and EMI / RFI noise removal.

A high-end audio system without our Stradivari power plant simply sounds mechanical, dry, congested from top to bottom but especially in the high frequency from 2000 Hz to above 20 kHz where our ears are most sensitive. Along with the dryness and congestion there is a hash in the high frequency that causes listening fatigue and degrades refinement and fine inner detail.

Our power plants drastically improves the listening experience of high-end audio music systems by providing high quality noise free A/C to your high-end components without using transformers and circuit boards which limits current and degrades detail, finesse and overall sound quality.

You will find the music sounding natural, with longer decays, clean sibilance, with accurate pin-point precision in the stage, reveling layering and details in recordings not previously heard with ultra clean and transparent high frequency which is needed to achieve air around the instruments and singers.

Solid Stradivari Chassis: Concert Grand Hard Rock Maple or Classic Solid Rosewood. Optional:Limited Majestic Red Cocobolo $1500 to $4000

Finish: Exclusive 28 step VIRTUOSO™ Natural Finish
Dimensions: Stradivari No. 4 - 14.25" W x 8" T x 9" D inches
Dimensions: Stradivari No. 6 - 20.50" W x 8" T x 9" D inches
Dimensions: Stradivari No. 8 - 22" W x 13.5 T x 12" D inches
Dimensions: Stradivari No. 12 - 22" W x 15.25 T x 16" D inches
Dimensions: Stradivari Masterpiece - 22" W x 15.25 T x 20" D inches

All dimensions includes the 1.75" custom brass spikes

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