This Valentine’s Day, Give the Gift of Vinyl

Gift a Masterdisk vinyl

No, not THAT kind of vinyl. Get your mind out of the gutter!

We’re talking about the vinyl you spin on your turntable. Do you have a loved one with a demo, single, EP, or album that’s only ever existed as a digital file, CD, or cassette? Would he/she/you love to have it on an honest-to-goodness record? Well, that’s what we’re offering as a Valentine’s Day special!
Now to be fully clear, it’s not EXACTLY vinyl. The disc your loved one will hold in his hands is what we call a Reference Lacquer: it’s not plastic, it’s a lacquer-coated sheet of aluminum. Hefty.

There are other names for Reference Lacquers: in the reggae and DJ worlds, they’re called “dubplates.” In record collector circles, you might hear them called “acetates.” Vinyl records and Reference Lacquers have a few significant differences; these are outlined on the FAQ page.

Sound awesome? It is! Fill out the form below and let’s get started.

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