Tube of the Month : The 6SN7


Thomas Mayer take on the tube of the month. This time it's 6SN7. 

The 6SN7 got very popular among tube amp builders during the 1990ies. In fact a real hype developed around this tube. It was very often used as driver for the 300B which also had a big rise in popularity during that time. As usual with any type of hype, things got exaggerated and some people even thought the 6SN7 is the best tube ever with exceptional linearity and sound. Every hype reaches it's zenith at some point and draws some haters. 

Especially after commercial amplifier manufacturers jumped on the single ended DHT amplifier train, the 6SN7 was used on an even broader basis. During the last decade the 6SN7 got some bad rap from the haters with claims of poor sound. Again overly exaggerated. While the 6SN7 is not the super tube it was claimed to be, it is not bad either. It deserves a spot in the Tube of the Month series.


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