Backert Labs Rhythm 1.1 preamplifier


The Rhythm 1.1 tubed preamplifier provides exceptional sound quality, in several key areas.

Rhythm. So often ignored by audio manufacturers, it is rare to see rhythm even mentioned in product literature.  At Backert Labs, we believe that accurate rhythm, the precise timing of your music, is essential to experiencing a live performance in your living room.  With accurate rhythm, music becomes more compelling.  More “right now”.  And of course, with many kinds of music, more fun and toe-tapping.


With its radical gain stage and the advanced capacitors in its power supply, we believe the Rhythm 1.1 presents the most accurate, most hair-raising dynamics of any stereo component you can buy.

Speed and attack.  It sounds a bit odd to say that an amplifier is “fast”.  No, the Rhythm 1.1 will not speed up your music.  But it will provide lightning-fast response.  This applies to the very front edge of each sound, and to the immediate cessation at the end of each sound.  From powerful drum hits, to a sudden wall of emotion from a fortissimo chorus, to the decay of a band’s last note recorded in a large hall, the V-Cap™ capacitors in its power supply make the Rhythm 1.1 start, and stop, on a dime.


While many preamplifiers can present a beautiful tone, the Rhythm 1.1 digs deeper, and shows you the inner tone of an instrument or voice — the slightest wavering of a trumpet, the woody details of that particular bass violin, the quiet sigh of a female vocalist.  When you hear the Rhythm 1.1, you will know more about the tone of your favorite music than you ever have before.


The design of Bob Backert’s GreenForce power supply lifts the accurate presentation of a massive soundstage to a new level.


With its point-to-point circuits, Kimber wire, and absolutely no aluminum electrolytic capacitors to clog up its sound quality, one of the first things you will notice about the Rhythm 1.1 is its striking clarity, its open, “right there”, true-to-life presentation of your favorite music.

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