CARE ORCHESTRA SRL , the Italian High-end audio brand just sent in the info about new EYE speaker.

Their extends its line-up with the new product Celestial EYE, the first Audio Video Central loudspeaker commercialized by the "Milanese" manufacturer that leads to three the new models launched in 2014 and is part of a consolidated project of product development that will see the Sartoria Acustica Italiana involved in the launch of a new model a month throughout 2014.

The Celestial line, characterized by loudspeakers tuned on bass reflex, accurate engineered shapes with sophisticated and refined components, now covers four levels of product: a 2-way stand loudspeaker of 4.8 Liter (Celestial ROSE) , a 2-way stand loudspeaker of 15 Liter (Celestial DEEP BREATH), a 3-way tower of 86 liters (Celestial CATHEDRAL) and the new Audio Video Central loudspeaker of 23 liter (Celestial EYE).

This product is designed specifically to support Care Orchestra Audio Video systems involving the integration of the new central loudspeaker Celestial EYE of Care Orchestra with the speakers already in the line-up for a truly cinematographic Hi END experience .
Also on this speaker is mounted the innovative "Care High Speed ​​Filter", properly structured to maintain all the components of the filter in a very low resistance electrical contact on a support of  Van den Hul cables.

Care Orchestra takes particular care to ensure that the input signal  does not dissipate inside the loudspeaker. The filter is of the second order with ultra-fast components, silver cables, the transducers are  Seas  and Tang Band bass reflex tuned, the lines are very refined with acoustically designed shapes.

As always, the Italian craftsmanship is a "must" for this new "Milanese" product, with careful, precise and functional, solid and very refined assemblings, so that, like every Care Orchestra, the technique is integrated with the elegance and style of the "Made in Italy " to create products that combine maximum performance of sound reproduction with a particular taste for the interior design .
The "Sartoria Acustica Italiana" can personalize the finishes of this new Celestial EYE: each product is configured by customers, then heard and packaged as a bespoke suit, starting from a well-established and strong project with amazing acoustic results .

The website ( and Facebook page ( will show you more details of the new product CARE ORCHESTRA Celestial EYE.

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