Chord Company Signature Reference speaker cable


Signature speaker cable plays a big part in Chord Company history. It was our first shielded speaker cable and it led to the development of Epic, Carnival SilverScreen, Epic Reference and of course our flagship speaker cable, Chord Sarum.chord-signature-speake-cable–500px

Signature speaker cable has been part of the range since 2004 and has worked beautifully in so many systems – and now (thanks to the success of Sarum speaker cable), we’ve found ways to improve the Signature speaker cable.

Please welcome Signature Reference. So what’s changed? Well to put it succinctly – everything!


The new Signature Reference is slightly smaller in diameter and quite a lot more flexible. If you thought Signature was a bit on the stiff side you should have seen the first prototype. I once sat and watched it begin to tip a substantial pair of bookshelf speakers off their stands!


Signature Reference has 10 AWG multi-stranded conductors, like the earlier Signature. However, where the Signature conductors were oxygen free copper, the Signature Reference has silver-plated oxygen free copper conductors, bringing it into line with Epic Reference and Sarum.


Insulation has also been changed. Signature Reference has PTFE insulation where the original Signature had polyethylene.


Two changes here. The first is that a higher density braided shield has been applied to the Signature Reference. The second is that the spacing between the conductor and shield has been optimised to improve performance. The result of this is that the new Signature Reference is marginally smaller in diameter than the original Signature.

Outer Jacket

Both Signature and Signature Reference have PVC outer jackets. However, the new Signature Reference has a different density of PVC, which we use on several of our cables to help minimise mechanical noise.


As standard, Signature Reference is fitted with our own custom-machined gold-plated banana plugs. These are produced in the UK to our specification and are plated with 24 karat gold. We can also fit gold-plated spade connectors and BFA Camcon connectors. Like Signature, Signature Reference is available in both red and black or all black. The choice is yours.

Custom made

Every set of Signature Reference is hand built by us. It can be ordered to any length (min 1.5m) you require.


We’re very pleased. There’s more than a hint of Sarum to the new Signature Reference. We’ve currently got a set running with a pair of seriously high end speakers in our dem room and it exhibits the same sort of control and definition that Sarum does. It’s extremely neutral and transparent enough to make the day to day changes easy to hear as it runs in. It’s a very worthy successor to our beloved Signature speaker cable.

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