ClaraVox Dogma speakers


After ten years of success it’s a pleasure for ClaraVox to introduce the Dogma system: an “object of art” at the service of the “Art Par Exellence”. It’s impossible not to be attracted by the magnetic power of Dogma, a non-conventional loudspeaker where technology and design harmonize perfectly and where the outstanding quality is enclosed in an incomparable aesthetic expression. As a result of a long and passionate research Dogma is the realisation of an ambitious project: an acoustic box capable of reproducing the sound with the highest precision and offering to the most demanding audiophiles the “Excelsious” of musical enjoyment.

Dogma opens a box of sounds so pure that they overwhelm you by lyrical moments, shaking you by dramatic moments or wrapping around you with their irresistible melodies.


Close your eyes and listen to the music: the sound is full of life and colours. It designs objects, gives shape to the infinite space, talks with its own voice, a note strikes, a hammer beats, cymbals echo. You listen to the sound as it has never been listened to before, in its purest and most perfect form.

Now open your eyes and look at the natural and simple perfection of the Dogma system. Stroke its sinuous smooth shape and admire the light gliding on its surface. Appreciate the particular care in the execution of every single detail that oozes with uncompromising experience and knowledge.

Elegant and beautiful, Dogma soars with the lightness and harmony of a gothic arch while, at the same time, recalling the solemnity of an ancient menhir.

Mono and Stereo ultra high end audio magazine 2006-2014.