dc10audio Kabuki speakers


(Available May 2014)

While keeping the proven dc10audio innovations intact, we have re-created the horn loudspeaker all over again with totally new horn configuration. The Kabuki horn loudspeaker is masterfully executed in a totally new and beautiful way.


• dc10audio's unique horn loading (all drivers port through the horn)
• 12-inch full-range driver with adjustable output
• Wide-band ribbon tweeter loaded in the horn
• 12-inch bass driver with zero interfering grills
• Exclusive back-mounted tonewood external & internal resonators
• Solid core 6N copper in cotton internal wiring
• Minimal crossover, no circuit boards
• High-grade capacitors & inductors
• Exclusive horn blades in heirloom woods
• Frequency response: 22 Hz-40,000 Hz (+/-2dB)
• Sensitivity: estimated 96 dB
• Impedance: 6 ohms
• Overall size: 53" high x 16-19" wide x 22.5" deep each
• Weight: 158 lbs each

Price for pair: $18,500


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