Fonel Emotion integrated amplifier


FONEL presents an improved version of the powerful integrated amplifier in class AB. While most features of a design and parameters of the new amplifier correspond to previous model a new amplifier not got the prefix in the title mkII only but several other advances:

- Increased gain factor,
- Extended dynamic range,
- Advanced construction,
- Improved control software enabling pursue a more precise tuning of the amplifier,
- Advanced system protection and control of the amplifier parameters,
- New exterior design.

Features of engineering solutions, realized in Fonel Emotion Class АВ mkII and Fonel  Emotion Class АВ:

the amplifier circuit is executed on the principal of 'double mono';
the bipolar amplifier prestage works in Class A;
the output stage is executed on matched pares of MOSFET transistors, providing essentially expanded range of line work, lesser distortion, and in some parameters of their capabilities are very close to tubes;  
original stages circuit design, using the best qualities of the transistors of both types successfully, allows to get high linearity and stability of amplifier work;
massive heatsinks with big gills ensure effective heat removal even during continuous amplifier's work at maximum capacity;
usage of high-quality components only;
relays with gold-plated leads in the commutation channel; 
a powerful toroidal transformer with reduced active resistance and fully insulated windings of both channels from the firm «NORATEL». It is designed by Fonel specially for  the circuit 'double mono';
multilevel protection system provides overload protection of acoustic systems and the amplifier;
an opportunity of controlling the amplifier with remote controller or buttons on the front panel;
adjusted brightness of indication elements;
an opportunity of connecting two pairs of acoustic systems and headphones;
a special antiresonance case design;
multilayer varnish coating and hand-made polishing;
the amplifier retains its performance specifications and high quality of sound at the load resistance drop to 2 Ohm; 

Technical Characteristics:

Frequency Range                                                                5-100000 Hz
Output power (Pnom)                                                                up to 300W/ channel
THD at Pnom, no more than                                                        0.005%
at P=1 W, no more than                        0.001%
Consumed power, no more than        750 W
Input resistance                                                                47 kOhm
Inputs :
RCA                                                                                 3
XLR                                                                                   1
Connection of acoustic pairs                                                        2
Headphones connection                                                        1
Supply voltage                                                                230/115 V, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions         w x h x d                                                        430 x 132 x 432 mm
Weight                                                                                33,4 kg.

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