Goldmund Apologue speaker system demo event


Our good friend Norman Williams just sent in an exclusive follow up text for the Goldmund Apologue speaker system demo session. Read on the interesting insight ...

Jan 30, 2014 Goldmund Apologue speaker system demo

I was invited by a contact in Sales to the Corporate HQ of Goldmund to listen to their top 2-channel audio system setup in the listening salon in Geneva, Plan-les-Ouates (5 mins drive from home).

Goldmund is neighbour to some equally prestigious companies that many of us have heard of like Piaget, Rolex, Patek Phillipe and Vacheron Constantin. The impressive looking office/plant is located in a chic office complex shared with some white-collar businesses involved in Consulting and Biotech. There are about 20-25 people working there.

After meeting the CFO, wireless engineer, chief engineer for the JOB line, I was hosted by the Sales Manager and a senior R&D Project manager who jointly conducted the demo session. They first played a set list of songs to show the versatility and wide ranging capabilities of the Apologue system. Next we played several cuts from my evaluation music stock (Super CD and Ultra CD) which I know well. Please note that while the commercial Apologue units are all wireless/active, this prototype is actually wired, though all the wiring was hidden. These 5 sectioned Apologues speakers are monstrously HUGE and stand at about 6 feet tall.

My impression, seated at about 4 to 5 meters back smack dead in the sweetspot ? In a nutshell: The speakers disappear (like small standmounts) in that large room while delivering incredible bass impact (chest vibrating) and refined mid/highs. No fault to be found whatsoever, except for the unobtanium price (at least for mere mortals)! Yes, they truly are absolute reference grade, over the top speakers capable of casting the grand illusion of LIVE music at home (if you have a place big enough). WAF? If you have to ask, this is not the system for you.

Associated Equipment:

Preamplifier MIMESIS 32.5
EIDOS 36U+ Universal Player IRemote.

25th anniversary limited edition Apologue active speaker (only 25 will be made, retail circa $600K

Here is the playlist we used:

- Youn Sun Nah - Voyage (Voyage)
- Copland - Fanfare for the Common Man (Appalachian Spring Rodeo / Louis Lane - Atlanta Symphony orchestra)
- Verdi - Don Carlo (Ryhänen)
- Hugh Masekela - Stimela - The Dowry Song (Hope)
- Terry Evans - Get Your Lies Straight (Blues for Thought)
- Presque Oui - La Kitchenette et les Voisins (Sauvez les Meubles)


I chose selected cuts from the SuperCD and UltraCD. Notable ones were Himalaya- Nardi, Lila Downs - Semilla de Piedra, Yuri Honing trio- Walking on the Moon, Nils Lofgren – Keith don’t go, Mussorsky- Gnomus, and Chie Ayado- Tennessee Waltz.

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