Hormann audio Active analog 3-way crossover


For the ambitious speaker builders with A subpar knowledge of electronics, Haq audio from Langenhagen offers its new analog active crossover AW3.

The fully stocked Board can be installed in a Cabinet or directly on a speaker. The cut-off frequencies are variable between 80 to 396 Hertz and 1000 and 10,000 hertz, the adjustment is carried out via plug resistors. You can enable also a notch filter for dipole - or Ripol basses as well as an adjustable subsonic. The baffle step according to the width of the housing can be adjusted over a further notch filter. The level of bass, MIDs and heights area is adjustable via potentiometer, the separation takes place by a Butterworth filter with 24 DB slope. The turnouts are assembled by hand, measured and tested.


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