Mono & Stereo event with Accustic Arts, SoulSonic, Symposium and Vovox

Mono & Stereo event

Mono and Stereo event with Accustic Arts, SoulSonic, Symposium, Skogrand and Vovox. Text and photos by our good friend Walter Kircher.

Last Saturday my second exclusive MONO & STEREO event took place at the new SoulSonic showroom in Slovenia. Special guest was of course Matej Isak as chief editor of Mono & Stereo high-end audio magazine and the host was Miro Krajnc - the mastermind of SoulSonic speakers. Another special guest was Milan Zohar who produces the exquisite MZ Air Sound tangential tonearms.

During the event two fantastic news were officially announced:

start of the cooperation with SoulSonic speakers regarding international sales, marketing and branding. In addition I now represent Swiss Vovox cables in Austria.

SoulSonic speakers already took part at the CES 2011 / THE S.H.O.W. in Las Vegas and were considered one of the best sounds at the show. Now we will start from the ground here in Europe to establish a good dealer network to show you the musical and emotional qualities of SoulSonic speakers.

Technically, these speakers are using the dipole principle (open-baffle) combined with the line-source ribbon arrangement. This approach gives a more directional sound in the forward plane, minimising the side wall, floor and ceiling reflections which helps to make the room boundaries disappearing in different acoustical environments. These 2-way speakers combine Ribbons for the high frequencies (500 Hz and above) and fast 30cm cone drivers for the bass to give sweet sound and precise fundament for the maximum sonic realism of your music collection.

The soundstage, the timbre, the power is so lifelike - i do not want to describe it here further. Not possible. If you never heard similar speakers you must try personally - If you love music you will be shocked! The experience is so natural, authentic, untechnically - it's hard to overhear it. Please excuse me if I sound mysterious :). This is not HiFi, these speakers seemingly have no dynamic limit. Lovers of Classical music will get goose bumps because of the perfectly reproduced arc of tension.

For VIP guests from overseas we can provide special appointments.

The current SoulSonic range starts with the Impact SE model (retail from EUR 26990,-), continues with the Immediacy SE speakers (retail from EUR 39990,-) and the flagship Impulse SE speakers (retail from EUR 74990,-). The smaller upcoming Beat SE model will be announced soon (price less than EUR 20000,-).
The highlight of the event for all guests was naturally the SoulSonic Impulse SE speakers, combined with the Accustic Arts state-of-the-art reference electronics including new MONO II power amplifiers. Swiss Vovox cables were responsible for the excellent connection of all components. Symposium Acoustics Ultra platforms with Rollerblocks Serie 2+ including G3 Superballs (in "double-stack" configuration) ensured the best possible conditions for the preamp and DAC.

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