Mono & Stereo, Walter Kircher and SoulSonics event


Mono & Stereo event with Walter Kircher and SoulSonics speakers finally happened. Full Accustic Arts reference electronics were driving the SoulSonics Impulse SE outstanding, cost-no-object open-baffle flagship speaker and all cables were from Vovox with addition insertion of Skogrand Cables state of the art Pure Ignis speakers cables.

It was great to see few of old friends and exchange some words. Atmosphere were friendly and full of great discussion regarding the music and gear. This was the right spirit I wold love to see more often.

Accustic Arts electronics and SoulSonics Impulse SE speakers really matched greatly and performed seamlessly. Balanced presentation from ground up with control, authority and most importantly musical impact.

This setup could easily handle any music being played. From classical to modern complex arrangement setup never failed to deliver with full dynamic impact and presence. A real exemplary and complete presentation of how high-end system should sound like.

Stay tuned for more soon.

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