Pre-audio GL-1101 turntable


Pre-audio GL-1101 turntable is designed with one purpose and that's to faithfully transcript the record. Each part is characterised by the detailed precision of manufacturing and assembling the turntable.

Sub-granite chassis 
Frame Pre-GL-1101 
Press the inserts 5-30mN
Optional counterweight for inserts 5-10 g
Belt drive
The AC synchronous motor 

RCA gold plated, GND
Rotary speed of 33 1/3/45,11 r.p.m.
The deviation of +/-0.4%
Swinging turns of +/-0.05%
Cruise control manual
Tracking rerror 0
Anti-skating 0
Height adjustment inlay (VTA) +/-25 mm
Arm lift adjustment +/-30 mm
Height adjustment plate +/-10 mm
Platter weight/diameter/height 3, 5 kg/305/45
Dimensions 540 x 360
Weight 55 kg
Power 110V60Hz/230V50Hz
Power consumption 5W

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