Ram Labs Music Reference RM-200


The Music Reference RM-200 is the first of a new and unique generation of hybrid vacuum tube products that will establish standards of musical performance at their price points, and beyond. Using a high voltage bipolar input stage, coupled to a pure tube driver and output stage, the RM-200 uses each device in its most suited environment. The result is superb transparency, bulletproof reliability, and the exceptional grace and power that have always been hallmarks of Music Reference amplifiers.

Using only a single matched pair of KT-88 or 6550 as well as a single 6BQ7 driver per channel, the RM-200 achieves over 100 watts per channel. But the story doesn't end there.

While most vacuum tube amplifiers lose power while the speaker load impedance drops, the RM-200 actually increases output power as the speaker load becomes more challenging.

We call this level of performance True Music Power.TM

The RM-200's True Music Power allows it to attain remarkably high levels of musical dynamics without strain, while maintaining our renowned reputation for long tube life and care-free ownership.
As with any new design, the RM-200 has but one true goal: to satisfy your ears and your eyes. We invite you to hear and see the latest classic design from Music Reference, and humbly invite you to compare it to any competing 100-watt stereo tube design.

Your ears will hear the truth.

Power Output
100 Watts per channel
Balanced: 30k ohm Single-ended: 15k ohm

1, 2, 4 and 8 ohm; 1/2" brass hex posts

Input Sensitivity
1.1 volts for full output

Frequency Response
+.5dB 6Hz-20KHz; -3dB at 2Hz and 60KHz
Half Power Bandwidth

Full Power Bandwidth

Output regulation
1 dB (Damping = 10)

less than 0.5 % @ 1KHz / 100 Watts
17-1/4" x 14 1/2" x 7"

Shipping Weight
57 lbs


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