RCJ Audio custom turntable plinths

Custom plinths 

Hand crafted resin based plinths for Garrard turntables. These beautiful plinths are an amalgamation of the finest handcrafted timbers with technology designed to damp and attenuate extraneous vibrations.

The custom-made plinths use a special composite resin material to damp and reduce vibrations. The resin composite top plates are housed in a solid timber frame under which sits two compliantly mounted high mass sub frames.

One of these carries the stainless steel arm pod, made to suit the client's tonearm. Provision can be made to allow horizontal tracking adjustment, an added advantage when using a fixed headshell cartridge such as an Ortofon SPU with a non adjustable tonearm such as a Fidelity Research 66 or Ikeda.

Another feature of this plinth is the decoupling of the motor from the Garrard top plate. The motor is mounted within the second high mass sub frame, which is an assembly of cast resin and resinated Bamboo.

The resin top plate is finished in a choice of beautiful saw-cut veneers and banding, polished to reveal the figuring and lustre of the timber that only comes with these quality veneers. A decorative stainless steel bezel is fitted around the arm pod.

The completed plinths are then finished by hand rubbing with a natural oil finish to reveal the true beauty of the timber.

The completed plinth can be mounted on a Custom Hush Isolation Platform (3Hz Isolators) , allowing your music to shine through free from extraneous vibrations.

The Hush Turntable plinth is an investment that will be repaid by a lifetime of enjoyment and is a truly individual product, handmade to the highest standards.

All up weight is 74 lbs/34 Kg

Approx 3 months from order to delivery.


£2495 for an all Oak plinth for a 9" arm

£2950 for figured Walnut top and Ripple Sycamore sides, 9” or 12" arm pod plinth.

£3950 for figured Walnut top and Ripple Sycamore sides, arm pod plinth to accommodate 9”, 10”, 11” and 12” arms (not SME at 9” length)

Other timber combinations are available within this pricing, please enquire. NB, I only use temperate hardwoods or tropical hardwoods if I find some that I can re-use. As an example I have a quantity of lovely 40+ year stored S American Mahogany that I bought from a retired piano maker.

Additional Options

Custom Hush Isolation Platform - from £1000

Adjustable feet manufactured from Spitfire Griffon engine inlet valves -+ £150

Brazilian Mahogany frame –+£350

Brazilian Mahogany top plate -+ £200

Highly figured English “marbled” Walnut frame -+ £1000.

Highly figured Claro or Bastogne Walnut frame -+ £4000 to £6000

A complete package including an Audio Grail restored Garrard with SME or Ortofon arms and carts from Ortofon and Audio Note can also be supplied


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