Sonus Faber 30th anniversary day one


First arrival day at Villa Michelangelo. After some five hours drive across the Venzezia and Pauda regions of Italy I safely arrived at the destination. And who to meet first at the parking space. Mr. Analog MAN - Michael Fremer. It was great to see him.  We've just exchange emails few days ago regarding upcoming exclusive interviews for Mono & Stereo on topics of great pace of analogue in present. I'll return to this in a few days.

Villa Michelangelo is set in the beautiful surroundings few km's away from the city. It's so quiet and peaceful here especially if you're a city slicker. You can sense the tranquility and I can actually hear my thoughts loud and clear:).

I've seen briefly few familiar faces, but more on that later on when it's time for a lobby meeting. People are still arriving from the airpots and few by car.

For tomorrow we have scheduled a mooring trip to Vicenza and short walk to Basilica Palladiana for the visit of the temporary exhibition “Verso Monet: storia del passaggio dal ‘600 al ‘900”.  Looking forward for this as Monet is among few of my favourite artists.

Villa Michelangelo is a great place to start of what it feels like truly a monumental cultural event. Stay tuned for more soon.

Yours, Matej Isak
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