Sonus Faber 30th anniversary day two


Day two. The sunny morning and we filled up two busses. It was finally a great time to speak closely on subjects of high-end audio, industry movements and future. There are around 130 people from all over the world here for the event and you'll se in the pictures not only Sonus Faber distributors, press media represtontors like Neil Garder of Absolute Sounds, Michael Fremer of Stereophile/Analog Planet, Doug Schneider of SoundstageStage Global, but other people from high-end audio companies like Rober Suchy of Clearaudio, Heinz Lichtenegger of Project-Audio etc.

Vicenza spirit seems to be timeless and it was great surprise to find, that it was not only a Monet exhibition, but a fully fledged tour of original paintings from Degas, Pissaro, Van Gogh and other legendary painters. Seeing their work at one place felt like a magical trip. Like walking in the Aikra Kurusawa Dreams

We're heading for the main event in two hours and yes I know what the new product is. It's still kept as a secret, but tomorrow you'll see all the pictures and information about it. 

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