Sonus Faber Ex3ma speakers


New Sonus  Faber Ex3ma speakers. 

Sonus  Faber Ex3ma it's a joint combination of few selected premium materials. Carbon fiber, wood and brass, aluminum and copper. The base of Ex3ma design was a silence. The silence, that is result of the right implementation of materials mixture. The new tweeter is designed from DLC diamond and beryllium. Resonate  frequency was moved beyond 60 kHz to avoid the resonate Frequency.

The outside collaborator Umberto Nicolao talked shortly about his work with the Ex3ma project. He wrote more then 18 books on the subject of psycho acoustics and he helped with the design. Sonus Faber is an industry first to introduce the Beryllium tweeter coated with DLC diamond.

They use passive radiator design for the woofer. Ext3ma use specially designed woofer driver. Diafragm is of same material as carbon fiber part of enclosure. The special carbon fiber, that's is produced by a small specialized company, that provide it for the F1 bodies and military drones.

The special solid wood was used for the side panels. It's the same wood, that stradivari violins were made from and it's still used for most precious musical instruments built today.

Crossover use paracross design which is half balanced. They use special chat Shunyata internal wiring, silver Munford capacitotors etc. Paolo Teton personally build every crossover to make it perfect and Livio Cucuzza stamp the special stamp on the wood side. So each Ex3ma speakers are special I'm a way no other Sonus Faber speakers so far.

Mirko Sanna the director of the sales told that only 30 pairs will be avaliable. Each one for one year out of the thirty years. It will be specially delivered to each customer by Fine Sounds staff followed by special media event.

Everything about the first part of the presentation was majestic and Michael comment that even after 30 40 years in the business you can still get thrilled by the event like this. It felt majestic.

Everything summed up with the gala dinner and live music.

Ex3ma is something special and it avidly carries the DNA of the original one. Built from premium materials and with the striking aesthetic this speakers is a daring look into the Future of Sonus Faber. They clearly showed, that they'll give the competition a lot to work with.

It's a fact. Nobody build speakers like Sound Faber. They achieved their 30th years milestone with a grand statement. This is another step further for the company. Livio and Paolo vision sets a complex new grounds and they're building the future of Sonus Faber.

There is a lot coming from Fine Sounds in future. Their focus is clear and embraces the complete set of audio solutions to address the global market.

Fine Sounds CEO Mauro Grange concluded with an emotional and bold presentation. His focus on music and it's presentation was echoing long after the end of the official event.

Stayed tuned for more tomorrow, but for today this should give you the first insight and hopefully enough emotional impact of everything sorrunded around the new Sonus Faber Ex3ma.

Stay tuned for complete coverage of the event with photos, videos etc.

Matej Isak

Mono and Stereo ultra high end audio magazine 2006-2014.