Alo Audio International + headphone portable amplifier


The International+ is the newest generation of our popular portable amplifier The International.  Updated features include the Android compatible DAC, output impedance lowered to >1 Ohm and new micro USB connections for data and device charging.

The International + is a pocket-sized powerhouse.  It is one of our smallest portable amplifiers and it is also one of our most versatile.  It easy handles a full range of earphones and headphones in both balanced and singled ended modes.  A low noise floor is specially tailored for the most sensitive IEMs, bringing them to life in a way that most devices struggle to do.  The high gain setting coupled with the balanced headphone output provides all the power you need to drive the most demanding headphones on the market.  

Plug directly into your computer via the included USB-A to microUSB cable  and enjoy all of your favorite high-resolution tracks with the built in 24-bit / 96 kHz digital to analog converter.

*NEW* with The International + you can connect to your Android device directly via the included microUSB OTG cable to take full advantage of  the onboard CS4398 DAC.*

*NEW* With iOS 7 you can take the digital signal off your iPhone 5 or iPod Touch (5th Generation)** and D/A (digital to analog) convert the signal using the reference grade Cirrus Logic DAC for the ultimate portable musical experience!

A transparent and refreshing quality to this amp’s sonic performance means that you'll be able to enjoy a huge spectrum of musical styles to their fullest. From jazz to classical to rock and roll, The International will deliver performances as they were meant to be heard.

*The digital audio stream available will depend on your device and OS.  Many have been tested successfully, but you can check out this chart for a more comprehensive list of compatible devices.  Additionally some devices will require the use of 3rd Party software to function.

** Requires the use of the Apple Lighting to USB cable (not included.)

Our most compact Amplifier/DAC combo is also one of our most versatile. Drive anything from sensitive IEMs to power-hungry full sized headphones.  Connect to your computer to enjoy your favorite 24-bit tracks.  It is all possible with The International+.

Balanced By Design
From start to finish, The International is a fully balanced design.  This translates to more dynamic musical swings and tons of extra power to drive the most challenging headphones.

The International+
24-bit DAC
Unlock the full potential of your high-resolution digital files with The International's reference grade Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC chip.

Android Support
New to The International+ we've added native Android device support.  The included OTG microUSB cable allows you to use your favorite Android device as your digital source and tap into the powerful amplifier and USB DAC of The International+.

1 year limited product warranty from ALO Audio. Find out more here.

Tech Specs
Frequency Response : ±1 dB: 5-50,000 Hz

Maximum Output: 12 V Peak to Peak

THD+N: 0.001% @ f = 1 kHz

Input Impedance: 30k Ω

Output Impedance: <1 nbsp="" p="">
RMS per channel, both channels driven

Output Power - Balanced: · 70 mW into 32 ohms · 100 mW into 50 ohms · 240 mW into 300 ohms · 120 mW into 600 ohms

Output Power - Unbalanced: · 70 mW into 32 ohms · 100 mW into 50 ohms · 60 mW into 300 ohms · 30 mW into 600 ohms

Power and Battery
Battery: 3400 mAh Lithium-Ion (Sanyo UR18500F)

Battery Play Time:  Min. 14 hours ( Amplifier ) / Min. 7 hours ( Amplifier + DAC )

Battery Recharge Time: 3 hours

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