Audio Philar High End Line III audio rack

Audio Philar High End Line III audio rack is quintessence of elegance, prestige and quality. The highest materials are used in production process of this furniture and we pay huge attention in order to obtain optimal sonic characteristics. This construction consist of MDF table tops decorated with veneer from exotic wood. The working surface is made of granite panel founded on elastic absorbers VibraPod. All furniture is based on steel legs which are ended with anti vibration cones. Modular construction assure big freedom in furniture adjustment to our audio kit and makes easy eventual modification.

The idea of building audio exclusive furniture was born several years ago. In that time on polish market was difficult to buy high quality audio tables or stands for speaker system which would be comply with our requirements. That was the reason why we started to project and produce such furniture to meet our needs. Short after that our acquaintances wished to have the same equipment as well…. and this is how it started.

With time more and more people was interested in buying furniture designed for the special order and made from the high quality and unusual materials. Our offer expanded very fast especially for our audio tables.

Nowadays all of our products are decorated and finished with wood, exotic veneer, granite top, plinths and steel elements covered with sateen chrome. All production is hand made and this is the reason why each pair of stands and tables are unique and unrepeatable. We pay huge attention to construction details which favorably affect on sound reproduction. Our client can individually select finishing materials and can count on professional help in choosing optimal designed furniture for the room and audio kit.