Katzenberger Music Productions CD/SACD Hybrid arrived

Katzenberger Music Productions 01,02 and 03 CD/SACD Hybrid just arrived at Mono & Stereo. This unique record label is dedicated to natural-sounding recordings of classical music and jazz.

Do you enjoy listening to high-quality music? …. Music that lets you forget the everyday world? …. Music that helps you relax and be happy? Do you want to be able to discover something new in the music each time you listen to it? We go to great lengths to produce music that will make you say “Yes” to all of these questions. We devote a lot of time and attention to detail to give our productions the best musical and technical qualities for optimal listening pleasure. Complete with a richly informative booklet, our music is available in a variety of formats: as CDs and Blu-ray discs; and WAV or FLAC digital formats.