Mark Levinson Master Class

Daniel Hertz Master Class music player software for Mac finally just arrived today from Mark Levinson. I have heard a few high ravings, but now I can finally try it myself. Find below a short intro to the Master Class. I'll post first impression soon followed by a full review in due time.

In 1984, Mark Levinson collaborated with audio pioneer Dick Burwen to create the legendary Cello Audio Palette, the first and only analog equalizer with no distortion, noise, or unwanted sonic coloration. It was produced for 15 years straight with almost no changes. The Cello Audio Palette is now the most expensive and rare audio component on the used market, often fetching $10,000 to $20,000 or more.

Now, in 2014, Mark Levinson has designed audio software called Master Class. Master Class offers the same frequency response correction as the Cello Audio Palette plus powerful additional features.

The differences are:
Instead of rotary controls with fixed steps, Master Class has 0.1dB resolution.

The Audio Palette has a signal to noise ratio of 110dB. Master Class adds
essentially zero noise.

The Audio Palette must be adjusted manually for each recording every time it is played. Master Class can retain unlimited numbers of presets and will also print new files with all corrections captured, in AIFF and WAV formats.

Master Class is available at a price most people can afford.

Master Class is installed on an Apple computer, so the user has an integrated  solution for downloading, storing, and playing recordings in all formats from  MP3 to 24 bits with a click of the mouse.

Master Class takes up no additional space, consumes no electricity, is not subject to aging and never needs repairs.

The Cello Audio Palette operates in the analog domain. Master Class operates in the digital domain. For reproduction of all digital recordings, Master Class is inserted into the digital signal throughpath, the most transparent and elegant way to modify the signal.
The sonic signature of PCM digital audio is undesirable but until now listeners have had no way to eliminate it. Master Class, with A+, offers a real solution that cannot be achieved with a device working in the analog domain.