Rickie Lee Jones Girl at her Volcano

One of the most enjoyable parts of this job is hunting down great music to do demo's with. One of the albums I picked out lately was Girl at her Volcano by Rickie Lee Jones. A great album featuring both studio as well as live tracks on a 10" EP.

Unfortunately, the copy I had was a little noisy (may be due to over-playing). As some promos of the "bigger" releases on Warner in the '80s were pressed on virgin vinyl, I set out to find a promo, and also to find other pressings.

This one I found was excellent! A totally quiet background, and hence playing a bit more dynamic than the regular run-of-the-mill pressings. A German pressing I found was almost as good. Since the entire promo run was probably pressed on this Quiex vinyl, they should not be too difficult to find.

Gary Koh Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc.