SoulSonic Impulse speakers, Accustic Arts - spectacular private setup

I had the pleasure to be allowed to take photos of a spectacular private setup in Europe. The prominent part of the luxury living room provides the necessary space for one of the best setups I ever had the chance to listen.

SoulSonic Impulse SE flagship speakers were powered by Accustic Arts reference electronics including the new MONO II amps. As this is multi purpose setup, the television is integrated and its owner use it as an audio control screen for theJRiver Mediacenter streaming player. A dedicated audio computer is hidden in the cellar below, and does not interfereregarding the noise domain. Swiss Vovox Textura Fortis cables were used as both speaker and audio interconnects.

During a listening session an acoustic curtain was used to damp the first reflexions behind the SoulSonic Impulse SEspeakers; as you can see on the last photo of the additional album. The dipole speakers with line source arrangementare easy arranged to the right places.

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