Subbase Audio Shambala TSS audio rack

The word Shambala means protection zone. To us it means music protection zone. None of the common hi-fi racks offers a living room-friendly solution which also fulfills our high-end audio standards. Therefore, we developed our own solution: Shambala TSS (The Small Solution).

Shambala TSS corresponds to our vision of an audiophile set-up concept: sophisticated design and perfect workmanship.

Shambala is not only an optical treat at its maximum length, but also outstanding in its technical audio features – a dream come true in all aspects.


The stability of the surface, as well as its resonance tuning, was of utmost importance to us in developing this product. Every supporting surface will retain its stable form in years to come, due to perfectly-placed inner struts and our c-stabilizing frames, the latter of which absorb horizontal impacting forces and distribute them optimally. This is the reason why struts in the back and middle of Shambala, as is commonplace elsewhere, are unnecessary.

This circumstance allows Shambala to appear puristic, spatial, and fragile despite its incredible weight.

We have created a practically ideal homogeneous surface area, in regards to resonance technology, by solely bracing the surface with the sides – even by lengths of up to 150 cm!

The sides are comprised of an acrylic-aluminum sandwich and regulate built-up vibrations by dampening them on the inside.

Shambala, in combination with the component base Composant S, offers every hi-fi component the perfect storage space.

Shambala has a spatial and fragile impact.

It offers space for up to six components, which are aesthetically upgraded through their mere placement upon it.

Shambala seems quite fragile; however, it is extremely stable Our choice of materials rounds up our whole concept perfectly.

Shambala concentrates on the essentials instead of frilly design. Most importantly, your high-quality audio components are protected from unwanted vibrations.

Shambala is literally a music protection zone.