Apl Hifi HAS-Master amplification NEW

NEW Unique Hybrid Modular Amplification System, designed to provide unparalleled sound quality, cost no object. It offers the naturalness and liquidity of Single-Ended, Direct-Heated 2A3 or 300B triodes, combined with explosively dynamic, high-current IGBT power output stages, capable of driving even the most difficult speakers with ease.

The HAS-Master amplification system is an all-hand-made boutique, designed for the most enthusiastic audiophiles who cannot settle for anything else but the absolute best.

This design concept represents the culmination of our 25 years experience that includes various all-solid-state and all-tube power amplifier designs.

The HAS-M is not to be confused with a tube preamplifier driving two solid state monoblocks. Every power amplifier has a voltage gain stage, in order to amplify the small signal coming from the preamplifier or any source, and a power current stage so it can drive the speakers. The HAS-M Control Unit provides all the voltage gain using 6SN7 driver and 2A3 or 300B output tubes, while the two Power Units provide the ample current needed to drive the speakers, and have no voltage gain. In other words, the HAS-Master system is an Unique Modular Hybrid Integrated Power Amplifier in a class of its very own.

Control Unit

Attenuator control module with precision 0.75dB step and level memory for each input.
Class A tube gain stage with 6SN7 driver and 2A3 or 300B tubes.
Pure resistive load for the output tubes, resulting in the most linear operation.
Accepts 2A3 or 300B tubes replacement automatically.
Only two tube gain stages per channel.
Zero Negative Feedback.
One coupling capacitor on the signal path per channel, using the hand-made Duelund CAST-Cu.
One custom Lundahl interstage coupling audio transformer per channel.
Non-magnetic resistors.
High grade, specially selected rectifiers and passive components.
Completely separated dual-mono design. Both signal and power supply paths.
Solid Oxygen Free Copper for signal and power supply internal wiring.
No mechanical switching devices on the signal path or power supply lines.
Choke loaded power supply using high quality Lundahl inductors.
Delayed High-Voltage power for increased tube life.
No power transformers near the tubes.

Power Units

Paralleled current conversion power modules featuring IGBT devices.
400W at 4 Ohms with 52 Amperes available current per channel.
Balanced operation.
No voltage gain.
Zero Negative Feedback.
Custom hand-made power transformers.
Custom hand-made power inductors.
Ultra fast rectifiers.
490,000uF capacitor bank per channel.
Solid Oxygen Free Copper internal wiring.
Non-magnetic resistors on the signal path.
No capacitors on the signal path.
No mechanical switching devices on the signal path or power supply lines.
Intelligent microprocessor controlled protection circuit.
Includes the power transformers for the Control Unit tube power supply for each channel.
Soft start.
Convenience and mechanical
Large LCD display for the Control Unit.
Multi color LED indicators for the Power Units.
Master and Slave microprocessor control with last settings memory.
Average temperature display for the power devices heat sinks.
Remote control milled from solid Aluminum blocks.
All-Aluminum enclosures with machined 10 millimeters thick front panels.
Three umbilical cords per channel for signal, power and control lines.
WarrantyFive years warranty. One year for the tubes.