Artisan Silver Cables The Nth Degree cables

Artisan Silver Cables launch their new flagship pure silver interconnects. The new model is called “The Nth Degree” – named after the phrase “to the nth degree” – meaning “to the utmost degree; without limit”. 

The new cable has twice as many pure silver conductors dedicated to carrying the delicate musical signal compared to their best-selling “Ultimate Silver Dream” model. Therefore the music meets just half of the electrical resistance found in the "Ultimate Silver Dream". 

In addition, the cables have deep cryogenic treatment as standard. They are fitted with Furutech’s top-of-the-range connectors: the CF-102R RCA plugs or the CF-601 XLR connectors. These are the same connectors used by the Crystal Cables “Absolute Dream” interconnects, which sell for over £10,000 in the UK. 

As usual, Artisan aim to keep their prices as low as possible, by bypassing the usual distribution networks and exclusively selling direct from their website. Artisan’s flagship comes in a variety of lengths, starting at £624 for a half metre pair and maxing out at £999 for a 1.75 metre pair. 

The company claim that they are their best ever cables and that they will stand comparison with the best in the world. Artisan Silver Cables’ entire range of pure silver analogue interconnects, speaker cables, digital interconnects, USB cables and headphone cables can be ordered direct from the web site at