Audeze & Barton Perreira & London Bridge Trading Company

Barton Perreira celebrates a symphony of sight and sound with the launch of the limited edition Barton Perreira x Audeze x London Bridge Trading Company. The collaboration features a custom set of Audeze LCD-XC headphones, matching Barton Perreira sunglasses, custom silver plated 1/8 inch headphone cable, and all in a custom London Bridge Trading Company carrying bag: the perfect marriage of inspired design, music and artisanship.

People that live for music, live for Audeze because they deliver the most accurate sound available today engineered with the latest innovations. Much like how aficionados of eyewear feel for Barton Perreira, known for its distinctive design and precise fit with a refined yet cutting-edge aesthetic. For the first time, they are available at Barton Perreira’s Aspen and Nashville retail stores.

"One of the things that has had a strong influence on Barton Perreira is the music. As a photographer on the touring side of the music industry, I have gained access to the best headphones that the industry has had to offer. When I first put on the Audeze headphones, I was experiencing something with a headphone that I have never felt before. The clarity, the sound and the comfort were all working together. Putting on the Audezes and listening to my music was like time travel - it allowed me to fall in love with a song again that i've heard over and over before. Audeze is the Barton Perreira of the headphone industry." – Tim Cadiente, President Barton Perreira

The collaboration was the natural brainchild of President Cadiente, who has over 20 years of experience in the eyewear, music and entertainment industries. In the eyewear industry his past campaigns included Oakley, Oliver Peoples and Mosley Tribes. His music portfolio includes early images of Tool, Nirvana and The Beastie Boys. In front of his lens on the entertainment side he’s pushed the button on celebrities such as Giovanni Ribisi, Peter Fonda and Milla Jovovich. When Cadiente saw the opportunity to work with Alexander Rosson and Audeze, he knew that it was a natural fit for Barton Perriera. When LBT inc agreed to build the limited custom case for this sight and sound project, the two companies knew that their experience would be carried in style.

"As a fan and customer of Barton Perreira, we’re proud to partner with them for this unique collaboration and custom, limited- edition headphone. This very special combination of high- performance, luxury brands represents the absolute best in quality eyewear and world-class sound," - Alexander Rosson - CEO - Audeze

About Barton Perreira

Barton Perreira was started by Patty Perreira, Bill Barton and Tim Cadiente, as a shared desire to challenge the eyewear industry. A self-taught designer, the California-born Patty Perreira honed her skills during her 18-year tenure at Oliver Peoples. Bill Barton has been at the center of a number of industry defining moments over the last twenty years: as president of Oliver Peoples (2002 -2006) and he was an integral part in the growth of Optical Shop of Aspen - Barton held the position of President of OSA from 1990 to 2001. Before launching Barton Perreira with his partners, Cadiente’s campaign work was seen at other eyewear giants that included Oakley ,Oliver peoples and Mosley tribes prior to the Luxottica buy

out. From the beginning of Barton Perreira, he has been hands on with all imagery representing the designs of Perreira and has had the luxury of photographing a variety of other outlets. His portfolio includes musicians and entertainers from Billy Bob Thornton, Giovanni Ribisi, Milla Jovovich, Jack White, Radiohead and the Beastie Boys. Pooling together their expertise in design, artistry, style and entertainment, they have created a cutting edge collection of eyewear. Barton Perreira is available at Bergdorf Goodman, Jeffrey New York, Opening Ceremony among other boutiques nationwide.