Audio Suspension Modular Reference Rack and Isolation Plinth NEW

Audio Suspension launches 2 new elegant and innovative solutions for maximising the performance of the finest audio equipment. 

Hot on the heels of their award winning ASU-100 wall mounted shelf, Audio Suspension, the new name in beautifully designed, contemporary hi-fi support systems, has launched 2 new stunning supports for hi-fi equipment.

Audio Suspension Modular Reference Rack

Hand-made in Sussex, and designed in conjunction with graduates of Imperial University and the Royal College of Art, Audio Suspensions Modular Reference Rack is the latest design in their tireless search for the ultimate combination of aesthetic beauty and audio clarity. The shelves are made from the same high grade 20mm acrylic as used on the award winning ASU-100 and also used by several high end turntable manufacturers. The acrylic is hand flame polished to give a mirror surface and every shelf has an inbuilt spirit level as well as a cut out on the back for cable management. This low resonant material is perfect for reducing the effects of unwanted micro-vibrations and rumble that can muddy audio quality. All the legs are individually hand turned and polished from the highest quality stainless steel and feature silicone seals at the top to further isolate the shelves. The spikes on the legs are Track Audios award winning, high quality spikes that also provide the ultimate in isolation.

Set-up of the rack is simple and the benefits of the design and materials used are instantly appreciable bringing tighter low end to recordings and improving rhythm and dynamics.

Key features of the Reference Modular Rack:

High-grade 20mm low-resonance acrylic 
Hand turned, high grade stainless steel legs 
Inset spirit level on every shelf 
Track Audio spikes and feet 
Supports up to 25kg per shelf 
Modular system 
Beautiful aesthetics compliment cherished hi-fi equipment 
Bespoke manufacturing service available 

Price and availability

The Modular Reference Rack will be available from from mid June with prices starting at £1200 for a 2 tier rack £2400 for a 4 tier rack.

Audio Suspension Isolation Plinth

Using the same 20mm high grade acrylic as the other Audio Suspension products with an inset spirit level, the plinth also features high quality aluminium legs. These use a high quality 5/8” Chrome steel bearing (Grade 100) to support and isolate. The principle used to isolate, is based on minimising contact between the supporting surfaces within the foot, bearing and isolating base plate. Contact points are literally no more than a hairline width.

The combination of chrome steel, aluminium and nitrile rubber rings within the foot combine to act as a barrier against unwanted vibrations, the combination of materials helps to absorb a wide variety of unwanted sound frequencies.

Some of the benefits experienced can be heard in a tighter base response and improvement in the soundstage when fitted to turntables and a general reduction of transmission of unwanted noise and vibration within your equipment.

This plinth is perfect for larger pieces of equipment that need individual isolation like power amplifiers or turntables.

Key Features of the Audio Suspension Isolation Plinth 
High-grade 20mm low-resonance acrylic 
Hand turned aluminium legs 
Chrome steel bearing isolation 
Inset spirit level 
Supports up to 40kg 
Beautiful aesthetics compliment cherished hi-fi equipment 
Bespoke manufacturing service available 

Price and availability

The Isolation Plinth will be available from from mid June with a price of only £350.