Bozzio Levin Stevens: Black Light Syndrome

If you are a fan of progressive rock - Roger Waters, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, even Frank Zappa, this is a must-have.

Here's an album that I find extremely difficult to classify and extremely enjoyable. It's a double LP and I will play all 4 sides - not always in the same order - almost everytime. Is it Prog? Metal? Jazz? Trance? Rock?

The album was started as a business project by drummer Terry Bozzio to help him make some money over winter. Bozzio was already a Superstar. He toured with Frank Zappa and recorded on many of his most famous albums; the band UK; made a video with Jeff Beck and Mick Jagger; and founded the band Missing Persons. Yet, as a drum instructor, his typical seminars running through spring and fall, and he often ran out of money in Winter.

His wife suggested collaborating with guitarist Steve Stevens (Billy Idol/Michael Jackson/Atomic Playboys), and they first met at a solo drum performance Bozzio did for the Drum Workshop at the House of Blues. They now needed a bassist, and while making a dream list, they put Tony Levin at the top of the list. They didn't think that Levin would join them being very busy with King Crimson and Peter Gabriel - but he was not only very interested, he squeezed 4 days out of his busy schedule to work together.

So, this album was the result of 4 days with 3 guys who had never played together before - created by the "grace of the archetypes of our collective unconscious. The tracks came by either mapping out a few signposts or with very little discussion, and then allowing the muses to take control, and the tracks were recorded 'live'. No track took more than one or two takes.

When you listen to this album, just close your eyes and let the music take you away. Bozzio Levin Stevens: Black Light Syndrome

Even the vinyl in red with black splay is gorgeous.

Mono & Stereo friend Gary Koh of Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc.