Aluminium wires guarantee extraordinary sound results because they are nonmagnetic and don't oxidize. The slowness of conduction of this material compared to others is, in the audio field, a false problem: what really counts is transmitting the signal coherently. 

In the De Antoni Aluminium Cables every wire is separately bound through painstaking and delicate steps, avoiding harmful yields (irregular twisting), to create the precious strands that are the basis of these magnificent conductors. These wires cannot be worked in an industrial way without impoverishing their sound features. That's why they're not used for producing audio cables (even the high-level ones). Manlio De Antoni's skilled hands can handle the aluminium wires superbly. After his initial insight using the aluminium wires -, he took years of research and refining to be able to achieve the current, wonderful sound results that place him at the qualitative heights of the worldwide audio production. Just to make one of these cables he needs dozens of hours of work and an extraordinary ability. That's why the De Antoni production is limited both in quantities and in lengths.

Here comes the eighth dwarf*: 

“the thrill of an amazing sound” 
*(the eighth dwarf because, in Italian, most of Walt Disney’s Seven Dwarfs’ names and with the suffix –OLO.
So, ALLUMIGNOLO comes from Alluminio (Aluminium) + -olo!)

Nonmagnetic and pure like spring water, stainless and always fresh, flexible yet solid, light but flourishing and powerful, substantial yet graceful.

“Where copper silver and gold do not dare”