EMMESpeakers GALILEO loudspeakers NEW

The GALILEO loudspeakers is the development of the design concept that the last year has already brought our DA VINCI model. Since the beginning the target was to get the same and fulfilling listening experience of the DA VINCI but, simply, “bigger”, able to play in the widest listening rooms.

To do that we kept some project features of DA VINCI, developing new ones at the same time.  The main target was to keep, in multi way loudspeaker, a center of emission very close over the whole frequency range.

We proudly can say we reached the goal even with GALILEO, despite the seven drivers of which is equipped.

The bigger cabinet, and the need to maintain it relatively lightweight, has represented a new challenge against stationary waves and resonances, that we won thank the combination and the perfect balancing of discontinuity, mass variation and absorbing material with high damping. The decoupling of the sensitive ceramic Midwoofers and Tweeter, has been obtained thanks the mass of the aluminum front panel in with they are inserted.

The exterior shape, functional to the design requirements, combines modern taste with precious finishes, making the GALILEOs easly matchable in any room despite their important dimensions.

Technical data:

- 3 way floorstanding loudspeaker
- Sealed box
- no. 4 10” - 290 mm rear Aluminium Woofer
- no. 2 5” - 124 mm Accuton CELL ceramic Midwoofer
- no. 1 1,2” - 30 mm Accuton CELL ceramic Tweeter
- Sensitivity 86 db
- Power Handling 300 watt 
- Nominal impedance 6 Ohm
- Frequency response: 20Hz - 20Khz
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 1490mm x 386mm x 452mm
- Net weight (per unit): 80 kg

MSRP: from 14.990 up to 16.900 EUR each, depending by the finish. Here in picture the newest Cherry Lightning finish (red metal leaf).

World premiere at the upcoming Munich High End Show (Halle 3 F09/G09).