Existence Loudspeakers factory visit part 3

Here is the sum of of all the models I've had chance to hear at my Existence Loudspeakers factory visit and a look at the few upcoming models. I'll dedicate a short article to the upcoming Mono amplifiers, which prototypes I have had chance to hear. 


Reality sums all up as an product that Marko first did after hearing of bamboo paper based product in Finland. He came up with an idea to use such a driver with line array alignment and  draw the sketches about it with the dimensions similar to the product version, that is manufactured today. After simulations he added bipolar drivers on the back of the enclosure as they gave a good results and prolonged the depth of reproduction. They also tame the front radiation in certain area with great results.

Marko was always been found of semi big loudspeakers. It was necessary for him to use the line array in achieving his wanted sound pressure levels.


REALITY is tonally balanced despite the absence of crossover like in their models. REALITY creates a great stereo image with depth as two drivers on the back of the chasis creates a delayed echo from rear wall without muffling the stereo imaging. Reality is meant to be used in 20m2 - 40m2 rooms and with active Sub1´s they can work in practically any room!


SUB 1 came at the same time and it´s meant for both music and movie listening with great adjustability on hand. 

SUB 1 fast and precise bases can be precisely set to any needs, but Marko recommends using them without frequency cut anything from main speakers as you can easily adjust them to your preferred taste! 

SUB 1 integrate perfectly with all company models as well with speakers from other manufacturers. With it´s LINE IN (L+R), LFE input, LOUDSPEAKER LEVEL INPUT (L+R) you can use one SUB 1 or in pair and integrate them precisely in different configurations. Step-less phase correction and many other tuning possibilities (Hypex DS 4) makes this very versatile and fine sounding sub!


ESCORT and ESCORT MKII (4" bamboo paper + neodymium, little stand mount loudspeakers) all use the same enclosure, but with different tuning and drivers.

ESCORT (4") is meant for people that have difficult rooms or just want to keep loudspeakers on shelfs near wall or even at the corners. Their sound and voicing are balanced in a such way, that prevent the "boomines" of the bass. 

ESCORT MKII (4") use much stronger drivers yet still only 4".
It´s full blooded, all rounder for all kinds of music with a clear and uniquely right sounding feeling of the sound. Stereo imaging is precise and they depth extends from their point source design.

This is the speaker, that its easy to live with if sound pressure levels are of moderate levels. But it's a beast on its own and stand out in its class regarding the use of sound levels.


EUPHORIC (5" bamboo paper + neodymium) offer an emotional voyage into the music with its fine tuned cabinet and selection of driver. 

Principle was to achieve enormous impact and emotions with mid sized stand loudspeakers so you could easily use it in any systems at about 15m2-30m2. It works great also in Existence Loudspeakers 60m2 listening room. EUPHORIC can fills the room with the deep and precise bass, jointed with the big soundstage and sharp stereo image.

EROTIC (6,5" bamboo paper + neodymium)

As a name says this model is around 70 + litres reflex tuned speaker with more impact to the emotional impact to the music. It goes well from genre to genre and stands head up with especially vocal and intimate music. But also Yello and other harder sounding stuff isn´t no problem as the bass goes well near 30Hz in normal rooms and correct positioning. 

Marko always start listening tests with female vocals like Kate Bush, Katie Melua, Eva Cassidy and nowadays also with the upcoming artist Corrina Perch.

As he went through the first 2-3 songs Marko quickly came to the conclusion, that he had no excuse to name it with any other name  than the Erotic :). 


Existence recent biggest model Empire MkII was based on Reality but Marko chosed "short bipolar line source" with more powerful  drivers (6 on front and bipolar 2 rear) making possible to add 2 x 15" separately driven subwoofer drivers from Eminence. They use 800 W plate amps / channel (2x 400W) or if client want that is also possible to double to 2 x 800W / channel.

With this its possible not only greatly tunne different rooms,  but also manage a precise basses for both music listening and enjoying the home theatre. Of course with great connectivity to any systems!

With carefully positioning these great performers offer a great possibilities to mate with SET tube amplifiers, CLASS D or SOLID STATE amplifiers. Up to the customers wishes and demands.  Sensitivity is around 96 db and Impedance around 4 Ohms. But, they can be driven also with 8 Ohms outputs without a problem.

This series offers a 100% glossy lacquer with chosen veneers ( 1 veneer or 2 as wished). This is always done without extra costs.


This wall speaker series are nothing but joy for music or movie experience. 

Series models:
Enviro 1:
Enviro 2: ( 1/2 for rear or smaller mains)
Enviro Mid: ( same tuning as Enviro 1 but at horizontal positioning under big screen or TV)
Enviro Sub1: (Active SUB with enormous power and force for producing SUB frequencies without loosing great matching to any system and amplifiers)

This wall speaker series can be compared to any normal systems with it´s huge impact and quality of sound!

Enviro Custom: (for people who want bigger systems with custom sizes including short line sources or full line sources to wall mount)

These all Environment models can be chosen in any desired paint or veneer!

With every sold unit of Enviro of series loudspeakers, company gives the 2% to charity for aid development and homeless people.
It might not feel much, but as an example, if you order a pair of Enviro 1 loudspeakers, they gave 2% of dealers purchase price to trusted charity organisation, that supply seeds, help with animal supply and offers a possibility of children education.

Coming this summer:


Voxativ based big floor-stander (around <1800mm 100="" 100db="" and="" glossy="" heads="" height="" jewel="" lacquer.="" look.="" p="" sensitivity="" sound="" their="" this="" turn="" will="" with="">

Coming this year also:


This, by all means huge system includes about 220cm tall full bipolar line sources ( 12 drivers front and 4 rear each channel) + 2 same sized bass towers ( 4 x 15" + 4 x 18" passives radiators / channel, with possibility of room correction or manual adjustments. With over 2kW / channel  this system fits in any room)

Existence TUBE MONO´s

These NEW upcoming powerful mono´s will be pleasure both aurally and aesthetically. Capable of driving many multi-way loudspeakers as well as Existence Loudspeakers crossover-less speakers. Stay tuned for late summer launch and Mono & Stereo world first premiere!

Existence Integrated Hybrid Amp

This NEW beast is made of Stone, Wood and Metals combine tube Pre-Amp section with 2 separately powered Class D-Amps in same chassis. 2 x 1200W / 2 Ohms. 100% glossy lacquered wooden panels with stone bottom plated etc.