HIGH END MUNICH 2014 - Accustic Arts, Totem Acoustic teaser

The HIGH END 2014 in Munich is soon opened and all exhibitors have to hurry up. So I catch some seconds and will tell you where you can find myself and what is shown, is on display.

>>> the location: MOC, Atrium 4, 2nd floor, room F206

As I had the pleasure to show the two brands already together at some regional fairs and events I am proud to present thecooperation of German electronics manufacturer ACCUSTIC ARTS and Swiss High High-End Company AG, distributor of Canadian Totem Acoustic speakers at the international fair.

Experience the following new ACCUSTIC ARTS products:

PLAYER II - new integrated compact disc player of the Reference Series incl. DAC and preamp function

PLAYER ES MK2 - optimized PLAYER ES incl. USB async. technology

AMP BASES - new bases for MONO II and AMP II/III

TOTEM CEO Vince Bruzzese from Canada personally demonstrate first time in Europe his new TOTEM KIN MINI Subwoofer system

The big setup of the show will connect the complete ACCUSTIC ARTS reference electronics including MONO II and the bestTOTEM Acoustic speakers - Element Metal floorstanders and Element Fire monitors.

As a highlight Matthias Böde from German STEREO Magazin will make an exclusive workshop in our room - Saturday 17.05 at 11.00am! He will demonstrate different digital cables using our big reference setup.

Stay tuned for more news from Munich and it will be a pleasure to meet some of my readers there.

Link to the article: here. Text by Walter Kircher