iFi iDSD at Munich high-end show 2014

The ever fast forward thinking and sounding iFi showed their mighty iDSD at Munich high-end show 2014. Join the Quantum leap to Quad-Speed DSD 256 with this impressive machine:

Dual-Core Burr Brown True Native chipset for Quad-Speed DSD256/PCM785 kHz/DXD
3 Filters: Bit-Perfect Processing or Minimum Phase/Standard digital filter selectable
Extreme/Extended/Standard Range analogue filters selectable
SmartPower onboard battery
Powerful Headphone amplifier

Exceptional component quality
Clock - Ultra low jitter GMT computer controlled Clock (rms jitter 12KHz - 1MHz < 300 Femtoseconds) 
Tantalum Oxide Thin Film thin film surface mounted resistors
TDK high stability C0G surface mounted capacitors
Panasonic PolyPhenylene Sulfide stacked film surface mounted capacitors