NIDA AUDIO NIDA Mk1 speakers

NIDA Mk1 is a two-way active loudspeaker system for high definition sound reproduction. The system’s construction is based on the same principle as sound recording studio monitors. It has a neutral timbre, a very low distortion, a very high dynamic range, and provides proper sound dispersion. The highest quality studio professional drivers and specially designed horns were used in the system to achieve the sensitivity and acoustic power, making the system suitable for use in various environments – from small rooms of 20 m² to a 200-300 m² music halls.

Despite the fact that this system was designed according to the laws of acoustic science and not just current fashion trends, NIDA Mk1 is fit for the most demanding audiophiles. Front panels and horns made out of exotic hardwood which has high stability and excellent acoustic properties. Parts made of natural hardwood may have variety of colors – from light brown to red to almost black and in that respect each system has a unique appearance.

A standard system consists of loudspeakers, active crossover and connecting cables. Length, type of cables, and connectors are selected in accordance with the end-user requirements and the type of power amplifiers used with the system.