Oscar Peterson Exclusively for my Friends vinyl

The problem of recording jazz is a vexed one. The sterile atmosphere of the recording studio inhibits performance. What's more - and this problem particularly annoyed the great Oscar Peterson - the engineers normally like to spread the trio out to assure optimum stereo separation.

The trouble is that this creates an acoustical lag within the group. If the pianist is too far from the bassist, both of them have to guess when the other's rhythm is falling. This split second can kill the swing of jazz.

In the attempt to overcome the disadvantages of studio recording, Oscar has recorded in nightclubs - only to find some of the best moments of music were spoiled by the clink of glasses or some other extraneous noise.

In this album, the problem was solved: a private performance for a select group of appreciators and friends in a private, relaxed, pleasant, party atmosphere at the home of Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer.

This is the way that Oscar Peterson really plays. 
(from the liner notes by Gene Lees)

This album is as "unimpressive" as the previous one I posted was impressive. You don't notice the music at all - time disappears and you get so swept away that the next thing you notice is the turntable going click-click-click in the run-out groove.

An essential live performance for fans of Oscar Peterson, and jazz in general.

Mono & Stereo friend Gary Koh of Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc.