PYT Audio SMAD panel review is coming

PYT Audio SMAD panels are coming in for the exclusive test and review. They will be installed into my listening room step by step, with the documented acoustic improvements. It's always tricky to install the acoustical treatment into our listening rooms as most products are not designed to blend with the living rooms, but more with dedicated room in mind, where aesthetics might not be the prior concerns. PYT Alanctara like material and total simplicity of mounting seems like something, that actually works on both aspects of practicality and great contemporary looks. An actual audiophile lifestyle product.

Stay tuned for more soon. Below is the technical explanation on these highly aesthetic panels.

SMAD panel is designed to improve room acoustics. It can be fixed everywhere in your house thanks to its fast fixation system. Totally “plug & play”. SMAD panel is very discreet and aesthetic. It is very thin (only 9 or 17 mm, it depends on models). It is covered with high-quality suede fabric. It will easily find its place in your modern or classic interior.

SMAD panel is very efficient too! With its multi-laye- red and multi-density technologies, it offers a very good first-rate absorbing properties.

Its innovative design makes it a product that is both effective on the absorption of vibrations of a support (solid) and the absorption of sound waves (air).

The SMAD range is divided into two products: “Access” is the perfect compromise between performance and discretion, and “Reference”, which offers the best in performances and aesthetics


All products are based on a multi-layer and multi-density assembly.

SMAD “Access”

Its “double skin” structure integrate heterogeneous densities of 275 kg/m3, 170 kg/m3 and 40 kg/m3. Giving to it maximum performance for minimum weight and thickness.

Specific bonding techniques coupled to a system of integrated frame guarantees the best stability of the product in time, both in absorption and appearance


SMAD panel is covered with a suede look fabric (like alcantara). Available standard colors are black, anthracite gray, light gray and light beige. Other co- lors available on request and according to quantities.

SMAD “Reference”

SMAD “Reference” is an optimized version of technologies used in “Access”.

The addition of a double multilayer structure incorporating a honeycomb interface allows to increase bass absorption performance.


PYT panel can be hang on wall just in few seconds.

Felt back side version:

The back panel is loop-like (velcro) over its entire surface. It is possible to hang it everywhere thanks to the adhesive pads (velcro hook) provided.

The panel also has a built metal eyelet in its back.

This allows to hang it with small pin provided (in soft enough wall like plasterboard or wood) without any risk of damaging a surface that is more fragile with the adhesive pad (wallpaper for example). Any type of small nail or screw can be used.


The imitation suede received a anti-smudge treatment. You can use some lukewarm water if the need is, never use solvents. Avoid any rubbing support to keep the best aspect of the product.

No hoover. Favor sticky brush for clothes.

Adhesive back version:

Back is adhesive with 3M acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive system that offers balance of initial adhesion and good holding power, it presses itself at some instants on any clean surface (no dust).