The Goldmund Mimesis 11 Wireless Hub NEW

Second announcement from the Goldmund. The perfect source and control for a pair of Goldmund Wireless Speakers all new Goldmund Mimesis 11 Wireless Hub.

All the Goldmund wireless speakers have been designed so they can be run directly from a computer by using the Goldmund dongle. If they are used in a multi-channel system, they can also be run from one of the Goldmund multi‐channel processor associated with a Goldmund Wireless Transmitter.

The new Goldmund Mimesis 11 solves the problem of connecting one pair of these wireless speakers in a 2‐channel system. The Mimesis 11 is then used as a preamplifier with a built-­in Wireless Transmitter. The Mimesis 11 can receive all kind of sources: analog (2 x RCA), digital RCA SPDif, digital Toslink, USB, and will receive even more in future update options (additional Digital and Wifi Streaming are the most probable as of now). Its volume control allows the 2-­channel system level adjustment and the output stereo signal can be sent either by Spdif coaxial like other Goldmund processors (4 x paralleled coaxial RCA outputs), but also as a 2­‐channel Wireless signal through a rear­‐panel wireless antenna.

The associated Remote­‐control is ultra‐simple and based on the Apple universal remote. The unit is matching in design and finishes the new Eidos 17 Universal player so they can be stacked to build a complete compact system used a source for a pair of Goldmund standalone speakers, from Micrometis to Apologue.

Availability: May 2014