Triangle Art Zeus MC cartridge

Triangle Art Zeus MC cartridge just arrived at Mono & Stereo. Triangle Art worked closely for prolonged time with the Japanese subtractors and analog artisans in creating their Zeus cartridge. Zeus is custom-designed and made to a Triangle Art specifications.

Stay tuned for first listing impression soon followed by the full blown review.


(1) Type Moving Coil (Dynamic)
(2) Output Voltage 0.3mV (3.54cm/sec,1KHz)
(3) Frequency Response 10Hz-50KHz
(4) Channel Separation 30dB (1KHz)
(5) Channel Balance <0 .5db="" br="" z="">(6) Tracking Force 2.0 gr (20?C-25?C)
(7) Trackablity >70um / 2.0gr
(8) Compliance 12 x10-6cm / dyne
(9) Internal Impedance 4ohm
(10) Load Impedance >100ohm
(11) Coil Wire 6N Copper with acryo
(12) Cantilever Material Boron solid / 0.28mm
(13) Stylus Micro-Ridge Solid Diamond
(14) Contact Radius 3um x 70um
(15) Net Weight 11gr