Two men with the blues

This is a stunning album - both in sonics as well as in music. I like Wynton Marsalis - in fact, I like the whole family! Wynton did a couple of blues duet albums: One with Eric Clapton, and another with Willie Nelson.

When they released this album in 2008, they sold 22,000 copies in the first week, and it held the #1 position on the Billboard Jazz charts for 4 weeks.

The press release says it better than I could, "Call it a summit meeting between two American icons, Willie Nelson & Wynton Marsalis, two of the most significant figures in modern-day country and jazz, who discovered common ground in their love for jazz standards and the blues. Their performance stirred the sounds of New Orleans, Nashville, Austin and New York City into a brilliantly programmed mix that was equal parts down-home and cosmopolitan, with plenty of swing and just a touch of melancholy. To say that these shows were a hot ticket would be an understatement. Luckily, the tapes were rolling and the results of this unique collaboration now constitute the Blue Note album Two Men With The Blues for everyone who couldn’t cram into The Allen Room."

Grab the vinyl if you can - the CD if you can't. The vinyl is one of those albums which will distribute about 60 minutes of music across 4 sides, but at 33 1/3 rpm and not 45rpm. There are those mastering engineers who believe that running vinyl at 45rpm generates more groove noise and distortion. Hence, this album is cut with wide grooves and generous spacing to maintain dynamics, but at 33 1/3 rpm.

I don't know if the theory holds water, but this album is a good example of how exceptional doing this can sound. It is music that I never tire off and I'll probably wear out the vinyl over the years...... may be I should buy a few more copies.

Mono & Stereo friend Gary Koh of Genesis Advanced Technologies, Inc.