Visit to Existence Loudspeakers day one

Day one of my visit to Existence Loudspeakers. Marko Reinikainen picked me up at the airport and we travel some two hours to our destination. It was a long day after all the traveling, but I really wanted to listen to few of the songs. I had a luxury to hear the prototypes of new Existence Monoblocks tube power amplifiers connected to the latest Empire MK2 speakers. 

Combination produced the sound, that took me back our Ljubljana event, but with even more impact. This is the type of the sound performance I was missing at this year's Munich high-end show in general. The natural, open and emotional impact of the music. 

The sound of the most dynamic speakers at this year show felt artificial and bland. It felt like they're trying to hard in their efforts to present the music in some sort of their special way. High-end audio is not about chasing that speciality, but about recreating the musical event as close as possible to the real one. Instead of the musical, natural sounding outcome at Munich to often everything felt more like trying to squeeze the 1000 litters of water threw the straw. 

Usual effect is an hectic projection of the music, that have little to do with the reproduction of the real live music. Existence Loudspeakers embraced the completely different sound vision and combination of new Existence Monoblocks connected to the Empire MK2 speakers produced the sound, that I instantly could relate to. The open nature and the ability to draw you into the music effortlessly is really something, that many of other companies could look upon. Marko and Juho seems to really find the way to do the things in the right way and this clearly reflects in their speaker voicing. 

Getz/Gilberto is among my ten all time favourite albums. I know it by heart and mind. Astrud Gilberto stood out with three dimensionally to die for and as the tube monobloks warming up everything started to extend with even more focus and authority. 

I'll write more tomorrow as we dedicate more time to the listening, but first listening impact is impressive. There was also a 1/4 modular part of working prototype from the new upcoming subwoofer tower of Exquisite model system. Stay tuned for more soon ...