Visit to Existence Loudspeakers day two

Day two was a long, but very special. I've had finally a chance to hear the extended product line of Existence Loudspeakers. We listen to the Escort MKII, Enviro1, Erotics and Empire MK2 as I've heard Reality Sub1 and Euphoric already before in Ljubljana.

All of the speakers shared the same recognised voicing, that works greatly from the smallest Escort MKII up to the Empire MK2. There are differences between all the speakers, but all of them are sharing an instantly recognisable sound. It's the sound, that closely relates to my priorities in musical reproduction. The airy, intimate, emotional life like nature of the music. The open, dark sound, that one can relate with the actual real life instruments and voices.

We've played the songs from quite different musical selection and the the result was always a coherent and balanced musical presentation. There is something inherited "right" about the Tangband full range speakers when they're implemented in a right way. Music comes in very effortless way and with the energy closely connected with the impact of the real live musical performance.

This shows instantly with the acoustical live recorded audio material. All the little nuances, that makes the audial experience involving and believable are momentarily recognised with the different models of Existence Loudspeakers.

I was really excited about the whole range, but today the Enviro1 made a special impression on me. With most on-wall speakers you'll get ver bland acoustical space, that have a little to do with the high-performance, but Enviro1 really created an sound environment, that offered a remarkable musical playground. It didn't only controlled the base with great grip, but recreated an actually solid sense of the instruments and the atmosphere. Enviro1 is finally a lifestyle on wall speaker system, that works very potently. I will reveal more in the upcoming review, but you it's a product, that really deserves a few dedicated words.