MZ Air Sound tangential tonearm review is coming up

My post and review announcement of MZ Air Sound tangential tonearm made huge impact. By your requests, here comes the second batch of the pictures. I'll post videos later tonight or tomorrow followed by more technical insights.

This is really unique and special tangential tonearm. It works on the low pressure air pump, that is "dead" silent compared to other traditional high pressure pumps. This means, you can have it near the turntable or even on the rack. 

Exectuion and mechanical refinement is flawless and it represents the life's work of the true analog/vinyl fan Milan ┼Żohar. MZ Air Sound tangential tonearm shows, that this not only Milan's point of interest, but the industry branch he worked for his all life. For a change, this is finished product and not DIY project developed to some point. 

What I could heard so far was impressive. Organic, fast, trouble free vinyl replay, that shows enormous potency. I'll go into the details, once my Kuzma Stabi S is back at Mono & Stereo HQ's and mounted with the MZ Air Sound tangential tonearm. Excited!? At full!