The advantages of omnidirectional sound are recognized for naturalness of reproduction and freedom from the  "sweet spot" listening seat. Conventional front firing speakers are unable to recreate the sound fields of acoustic instruments that propagate sound omnidirectionally.

Pianos, violins, guitars, drums and cymbals and many other instruments are not front firing and hence cannot be reproduced naturally throughout a listening area by front firing speakers.

A major advantage of the over conventional front firing speakers is that the sound output at the listening position is much less subject to coloration by the addition of reflected sound from room boundaries and furnishings.

This is because the has the same response on and off axis, whereas the rectangular boxed front firing speaker degrades off axis and suffers from extremely poor, bass heavy, response off the sides and back of the enclosure.

Off axis sound is inevitably reflected back to the listener in some part and in the case adds only room reverberation - but in the front firing case adds coloration as well due to the poor quality of the reflected off-axis sound.


 The is a two way design with a downward facing 8 inch woofer in an Aperiodic labyrinth 

Topping this off is a 3 inch Mid High frequency driver running up to 25Khz.

This amazing driver radiates a full 360 degrees horizontaly-and uniquely, also vertically

"Room boundries melt away"

Our hand built craftsman enclosures, will please and suprise

We do not use acoustic dampening materials of any kind.

Natural Hessian is applied to one stratigic panel only

The crossover utilises only two high quality components without matching resistors

Dimensions Height.750mm x Width.390mm x Depth.335mm

Suitable from amps from 20 watts upwards

Frequency Response 28 Hz - 25 Khz -3db

Sensitivity 89dB

Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms