TRANSCENDENT phono stage project

Re-building the TRANSCENDENT phono stage has be on the to-do list for a long time and besides getting a smaller unit next to the grammophone, improving sound from hardwired amplifications stage, full PP capacitor power supply and better caps in riaa-equalisation step wouldn't hurt either.

While waiting for the right time to start building, a number of RIAAs have been auditioned and nothing came up that convinced me to go elsewhere. For the separate power supply I decided to make a circuit board as the number of components and overall complexity would make a hard-wired solution look like a bird's nest. No tubed regulation was decided either as I don't think it pays off. Re-building may not be the right word as all parts will be new including power supply, thus a semi-hard-wired copy.

Finishing the phonostage and setting it up for the first time is nerve wrecking! Will it be silent or take you into a new hum-war? I was exactly minded for another round of hum fighting, but this proved an unnecessary worry. Hooking it up and turning the line stage volume control max only left the usual sssshhhh of the universe. Yes, I do think it sounds a tad better but I don't blame you for thinking me biased from all the working hours.